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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jake’s Recovery – Day 3

….so a friend asked me yesterday how “the little guy” was doing…  My first answer was this:
So the little guy... are we talking about the sweet I-love-when-you-pay-attention-to-me guy or the take-this-freaking-cone-off-my-head-and-let-me-out-of-this-crate guy? I need that information before I can answer... lol
First it was the petal, then it was the stem.  I didn’t realize he could cause damage from INSIDE the crate!
IMG_1638 IMG_1645 

So now there are ropes for him to tug on inside the crate but they just aren’t as much fun I’m sure!
Physically…  I think he’s doing great!  We walk around the house and he puts weight on it without me having to tell him.  I remember with Teddy he did not want to put any weight on that leg and I had to mark it with a clicker when he did and that was how he learned to do it!   More to come…
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