Friday, February 5, 2010

Jake-looking for answers…

I have some wonderful friends who know more than I do and came up with some questions so I’m trying to get some answers.
  1. So it’s a pelvic fracture?  yes..  maybe dead bone sequestrum (A fragment of dead bone separated from healthy bone as a result of injury or disease.)  displaced and rotated....not held in place.
  2. When do you estimate the injury occurred? not new - not in last 3 weeks.
  3. Any thoughts on how it occurred?
  4. Could it have been a recent injury?  step fracture - started to heal and reinjured
  5. Wouldn't he have been affected and not been able to walk?
  6. How did this affect his growth?  fracture no..  
  7. How did this affect the growth of the hip? ball of hip-damage to growth plate - lose blood supply.
  8. Did it heal correctly?
  9. If it was related to the infection he had, could some of the infection have gotten into the bone?  could but he probably would be sicker.
  10. Why does he recommend removal of the femoral head and neck when it looks like other issues also? 
  11. Is the surgery just a measure for now and then there will have to be something later?no..  Permanent - no more surgery with FHO
  12. Does the femur have the “moth eaten” issue as well as the fractured pelvis?
  13. How is this surgery going to go over with him only being a few months old?  he will need lots of physical therapy with surgery - the after care will be critical
  14. How is it going to affect his life quality considering he is so young?  with FHO quality ok and organs ok
  15. How will it effect him as he grows?  one leg will be shorter with surgery
  16. Are any of his organs affected?      could be a problem with feces
  17. If unknown, what would need to be done to find out?   more blood tests
  18. Why does the x-ray look so bad on that side?
  19. Could the moth-eaten femoral head due to a malignant cancer? most likely not..
  20. Could the moth-eaten femoral head be a degenerative bone disease similar to/or something like osteoporosis? 
  21. If yes to above answer, is it going to spread?
Dr. Jeff - Great Lakes Vet

Dr. Frank - Fox Valley Referral
...caused by injury? ... ischium fracture ( word for me...   non-weight-supporting portion of the pelvis) ...... recommendation:...  .....remove the femoral head and neck and leave the fracture of the ischium alone.
Mike - abysses - stuff came out...  puppies playing maybe caused it...  infected - vet wanted it to ooze for a few days...  something-itis..

Dr. Link, Madison   ....what Dr. Link said.

Mike will send x-rays to Dr. Woodruff in  Des Moines

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